• Disc is the UK's market-leading application for tackling low-level crime and antisocial behaviour. By easily and securely sharing information with other app users and the police, Disc provides real-time, DPA-compliant reporting that helps businesses and communities improve public safety and reduce crime. It is quick and simple to get started. Let us show you how.

    Install Download the mobile app and our support team will help you configure Disc for your needs. Most processes are automated and you will be up and running quickly. For those who prefer, every Disc implementation has a secure, members-only website.

  • Express login: confidential information just four taps away

  • Engage You decide who to share information with. It's easy to add new members and set permissions. Disc includes powerful engagement and instant messaging tools, so you can securely share content such as offender information and images, helping members to identify criminals. You can also receive real-time news alerts and submit witness reports directly to the police.

    Empower Link up with other local, regional or national Disc systems to identify travelling or prolific offenders. Implemented in more than 400 UK towns and cities and thousands of businesses, Disc improves public safety and drives positive social change.

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