From time to time Littoralis publishes White Papers taking an in-depth look at some aspects of DISC and its applications.  These include general overviews of the importance of Business Crime Reduction Partnerships in modern policing, how DISC can play a part in evolving new approaches to policing against a challenging economic backdrop, assessments of the strategic importance of key features of the DISC system, as well as short fact sheets on other subjects.  All can be downloaded from this page. 

White Papers

BCRP Strategy

Local, regional and national: effective business crime reduction in the UK through local online partnerships

Self-funding business groups such as shop- and pubwatches and larger Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) have a proven record in reducing low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in their localities.

Police have supported such Partnerships for many years, as an important way of delivering their statutory duty of prevention and detection of low-level crime.

Peer-to-Peer information-sharing

Building regional and national intelligence resources through local crime reduction partnerships

It is because BCRPs deliver local benefits to their Members that they are willing to fund local BCRPs through subscriptions to cover the employment of a part- or full-time Administrator and the use of online information sharing and partnership management systems.

However there are at least four important benefits to be achieved by encouraging individual BCRPs to link together to share their information with other BCRPs:

Partnership Engagement Platform

Enhancing police support for local crime reduction partnerships – and lowering costs

Police forces support and work closely with a wide range of local partnerships for the purpose of detection and prevention of low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

Some of these partnerships operate within the public services sector, such as Community Safety Partnerships; others are ‘private sector partnerships’ which operate independently of the public services sector.

Umbrella BCRPs

Extending the benefits of BCRPs to smaller towns and rural areas

Local Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs), covering larger towns and city-centres, play an increasingly important role in tackling low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

This White Paper shows how ‘Umbrella BCRPs’ can manage multiple Watch Groups, and provide them with part- or full-time Administrative support and access to the latest online information sharing and partnership management systems, while ensuring that each group retains its operational independence.

Fact Sheets

DISC: Information Security Management & Policy

DISC (Database & Intranet for Safer Communities) is a set of online tools, developed by Littoralis Limited to support the work of local crime reduction partnerships.

Partnerships use DISC to capture, store and process Personal Data, some of which is of a sensitive nature, and may publish this data to their Members. Therefore DISC is required to

  • ensure high levels of system-security
  • ensure the security of Personal Data
  • ensure the security of sensitive Personal Data
  • ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • ensure compliance with ‘Best Practice’

This document explains how DISC complies with the above. Please Contact us if you would like more information about this document or would like to request a copy.

WhatsApp and Business Crime Reduction Partnerships

WhatsApp has changed the way groups of people communicate with each other. Business crime reduction partnerships, shopwatches and pubwatches often use it, sometimes to share information about Offenders among their members.

This Fact Sheet shows why WhatsApp can be useful for such partnerships - but also why it should be used with care. Partnerships that use it for sharing personal data about Offenders do so at the risk falling foul of common law and the Data Protection Act.

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships: 10 Q&As

This fact-sheet explains what a BCRP is; who become members; how BCRPs are self-funding; how exclusion schemes work - and why they are so effective.

It explains the difference between shop- or pubwatches and BCRPs. And it explains why police are keen to work with them.

Click the fact-sheet below to view and / or download it.

How to set up a Business Crime Reduction Partnership: 10 steps

This fact-sheet provides a short, step-by-step outline of the main tasks required to set up a new BCRP - from setting up a Board of Management to launching the project to local media.

If you're involved in setting up and launching a new BCRP, you'll find this guide very helpful.

Click the fact-sheet below to view and / or download it.