DISC is by far the most widely used system of its kind in the UK with over 120 implementations covering in excess of 180 towns, city-centres and rural areas*. With DISC in 34 of the country's police force areas, it serves in excess of 30,000 businesses as well as Neighbourhood Watch Associations, Community Safety Partnerships and commercial property management and security companies. On this page you can read real-life users' endorsements - and download case-studies which explain, in their own words, why our customers decided to implement DISC - and what they think of it now. If you're thinking of implementing DISC in your own organisation and would like to speak direct with a DISC user, please click here to let us know and we'll put you together.

*as at 1st August 2015

Case Studies

Delivering an effective and compliant football banning scheme, enhanced safety management and general administrative cost-efficiencies.

This case-study describes how Oxford United Football Club (OUFC) set up Ox Tales: Supporting Safer Stadia, based on Littoralis’ DISC system, used it to manage and support its banning scheme as well as other safety and security functions at home and away, and delivered other important cost-reductions and benefits.

Behind every successful crime reduction partnerships are people: local business-owners and managers, and police.

Norwich BID has drawn them together through practical initiatives and online information-sharing. The result: more participation and more engagement.

Northampton’s success in reducing retail crime is built on close inter-working with police

Applying the same approach county-wide requires efficient internal processes and online technology

City-centre crime reduction is one of Coventry BID's key services

Making the most of technology like DISC is an essential part of delivering it.

The Yeovil ‘umbrella’: cost-effective business crime reduction

Across this District Council, DISC supports multiple shop- and pub-watch groups - and makes it easier to create and support new ones.

Sharing information on-line - and reinforcing traditional policing values

London's Met police are using one DISC implementation to support five individual pubwatch schemes.

Council’s support helps extend crime reduction partnership across county

A local authority in Wales has used a single DISC system to reduce low level crime and ASB in four town centres.

Engagement: the measure of success for any crime reduction partnership

DISC has increased member-participation in Redbridge's crime reduction scheme, which links to other partnerships for sharing intel.

Relevance: the key to growing engagement in crime reduction

Levels of member-participation have grown massively since the implementation of DISC at Portsmouth's busy BCRP.

DISC: power to the Neighbourhood Watch people!

DISC has reduced costs - and put power and influence into the hands of the Nuneaton & Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch association.

Making a giant industrial estate a safer, better place to work

DISC has helped build a more secure community in Crawley's Manor Royal, one of the UK's biggest industrial estates, 

Winning friends and influencing people – efficiently and effectively – in Lincoln

DISC has reduced admin at this Business Improvement District, and helped enhance membership support.

Safety and security: the first steps in selling your city

DISC is a key reason Chester remains one of the safest cities in the UK.

The Gateway to the Highlands keeps tabs on troublemakers with DISC

Inverness BID manages the city's business crime reduction partnership and Pubwatch. DISC plays an essential part in delivering a safer city.

Winning the hearts and minds of businesses - and police - in Bradford

In West Yorkshire police say that intel on low-level crime and ASB in DISC is better than in the police computer.


Chesterfield ShopWatch

"DISC has been a considerable enhancement to the Chesterfield ShopWatch scheme... The auditability that DISC offers has been a great help in ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation."

- Andy Watterson, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce

Blackburn Businesses Against Crime

"DISC is a fantastic tool, a very effective and easy to use system... I would be happy to recommend DISC to anyone."

- Gareth Stead-Clark, Blackburn Businesses Against Crime

High Wycombe BIDCo

"DISC has improved the effectiveness of our business security partnership by ensuring that all the relevant people now have fast, easy access to up-to-date information on criminals. It’s also a great way to communicate alerts and events with the group."

- Charlie Abbott, High Wycombe BID Company

Bristol Crime Reduction Initiative

"Our members find DISC very user-friendly... we have been able to share information much more easily and effectively. DISC is seen as an extremely valuable tool in the fight against crime in Bristol Shopping Quarter."

- Sophie Neveu, Destination Bristol

Rhondda Cynon Taf

"There are two things a business crime reduction partnership needs: a radio network, and DISC."

- Mike Jacklin, RCT

Redbridge Business Against Crime

"DISC is a very stimulating tool: we have seen more and more members get involved."

- Julie Woda, Redbridge BAC

Lewes District Business Crime Group

"We've got a lot of useful stuff on there for our business community; this website is the perfect way to share it with them."

- Rose Hanson, Lewes District BCG

St Albans Business Against Crime

"It's the most user-friendly system I have come across. Lots of people are very impressed."

- Linda Hanson

Watford Business Against Crime

"Members really like the weekly e-newsletter. And it's really easy to update."

- Angela Connolly, Watford BAC

Wandsworth Behave Or Be Banned

"DISC provides a framework for sharing information which is more effective and efficient; and it has saved us an awful lot of time and paper."

- Steve Miles, Wandsworth BOBB

Portsmouth Businesses Against Crime

"DISC is the core of everything we do; I absolutely love DISC."

- Chris Caesar, Portsmouth BCRP

Inverness BID

"The DISC intranet system is a vital tool."

- Malcolm Raeburn, Inverness BID

Kingston BID

"We are getting some really positive feedback about DISC & the local businesses are loving it."

- Dave Williams, Kingston BID

Yeovil Crime Reduction Partnership

"There is nothing but praise for DISC: the police think it is fantastic; I would wholeheartedly recommend it."

- Derek Yeomans, Yeovil CRP

Croydon BID

"DISC is of enormous use in apprehending offenders; the support we receive from Littoralis has been brilliant."

- Billy Cotsis, Croydon BID

Nuneaton & Bedworth NHW

"Feedback has been 100% positive; everyone says how easy it is to use."

- Brian Lowe, Nuneaton & Bedworth NHW

Manor Royal Business Watch

"Door teams and security have started to access DISC on their smart phone. Members love it."

- Karen Methven, Manor Royal Business Watch

Bradford City Centre Beat

"DISC is a key weapon in our battle to reduce crime: Chief Inspectors say it's fantastic"

- Steve Longbottom & Steve Dixon, Bradford CCB

Eastbourne Business Crime Group

"It's brilliant. I couldn't envisage ever being without it now. The feedback from my members has been really positive."

- Trish Pybous, Eastbourne Business Crime Group

Lincoln BIG

"Massively cuts down the amount of time I spend on admin; I would recommend DISC to other partnerships."

- Yvette Hall, Lincoln BIG

Manchester BCRP

"DISC is a key component of the partnership's service, enabling fast secure methods of updating our members with vital information."

- Rob Dyson, Manchester BCRP

Brighton & Hove BCRP

"It used to be impossible to keep our Members truly up-to-date. DISC is the way forward, saving us time and money"

- Lisa Perretta, Brighton & Hove BCRP

South West Business Against Crime

"With DISC we've seen a great improvement in incident reporting, and we keep in touch more effectively."

- Andy Sharman, SWBAC

Chester Against Business Crime

"DISC is a fundamental part of what we do; police now use it to send out their own messages and updates; members love it"

- Lisa Shannon, Chester Against Business Crime