Case Study

Northamptonshire Business Crime Partnership

The Northampton Retail Crime Initiative (NRCI) was originally set up in 2001 with council funding and the support of the police, to help drive down business-related crime and anti-social behaviour in the town.

The NRCI ‘model’ is now just one of six local partnerships which now cover every part of Northamptonshire, under the umbrella of the Northamptonshire Business Crime Partnership (NRCP).

The NBCP isn't the only county - or police force - wide scheme of its kind.  But after 're-boot' funding from Northamptonshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, it is notable in:

  • being on the verge of 100% self-funding;
  • delivering demonstrable benefits to retailers throughout the county of Northamptonshire;
  • delivering key elements in the PCC's Policing & Crime Plan;
  • helping police fill a perceived gap in conventional neighbourhood policing;
  • increasing crime reporting to police at the same time as reducing the cost of processing those reports;
  • identifying first-time offenders and those with chronic and chaotic lifestyles to enable effective early intervention.

Now the NBCP is looking beyond crime-reduction toward delivering a range of innovative community-based crime-prevention programmes.

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