• DISC's easy-to-use App means information is as easy to access as each member's own smartphone. For those who prefer, every DISC implementation has its own secure, members-only website. 

    Each DISC system's Admin Centre enables administrators to configure DISC to work the way they want and to easily manage content, control membership of their DISC system and appoint 'Authors'.

    And many processes are automated - so administration is easy and tasks take up minimal time.

  • Express Login: confidential information just four taps away...

  • But easy access to relevant information and simple admin aren't enough.

    So DISC also includes a range of powerful 'Engagement Tools' to maximise members' use of their DISC system, and to bring them back to it again and again:

    • fully automated eNewsletters sent to every member every week, with tap/click-through links to their DISC App or website;
    • built-in Instant Messaging system;
    • Information Requests system and much more...

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