My Premises: providing new benefits for Members, and revenue opportunities for Partnerships

  • New feature enables premises to save and manage their own Incident Reports online;
  • Access via smartphones: where and when needed;
  • Individual premises can maintain own Banned Lists;
  • Incidents can be downloaded into existing in-house incident management systems;
  • Search, filter and sort functions; management and analytical reports;
  • Click-through from Offenders to full profiles for more detailed Offender information;
  • Multiple members: multiple premises;
  • Free of charge: delivered within DISC users’ existing monthly licence;
  • Option for Partnerships to raise revenue through value-added service.

Littoralis has announced a major new enhancement for DISC, its secure information-sharing system for crime management and reduction. The new function, ‘My Premises’ is available now to all DISC users, free of charge.

DISC (Database & Intranet for Safer Communities) is the leading online system for secure information-sharing within and between business crime-reduction partnerships; there are currently more than 120 DISC implementations throughout the UK, covering in excess of 180 towns, city-centres and rural areas.

The availability of the new ‘My Premises’ feature will, says Littoralis, not only encourage more businesses to participate in crime reduction partnerships but provide those partnerships – mostly funded by membership subscriptions – with a potential new source of additional revenue.

My Premises allows Administrators to associate individual Members with specific Premises so that Incident or Intelligence Reports submitted by them through DISC not only go to the partnership’s Administrator for processing but are also saved to those Members’ own page on the DISC website.

The benefits for Members are clear. They can maintain their own Incident Book function, automatically recording all Incidents that they have reported, enabling premises’ managers to monitor the activity of in-house security staff. Many licenced premises are required by their licencing conditions to maintain a record of all incidents that have occurred in or around their premises. And the My Premises functions enable each premises to maintain their own Watch- or Banned lists.

While the Incident Reports are all stored in Members’ own secure, private My Premises page within DISC, Members can click through from an Offender to easily access the Offender’s detailed profile, as available to all Members on the DISC system. All DISC functions are available to Members on the system’s mobile version, for easy and appropriate display on all types of smartphones.

The My Premises page comes with built-in tools to sort, filter and search data, which can also be downloaded to the Member's own internal systems if necessary. A range of useful management information and analysis reports are also available.

Individual DISC Members can ‘belong’ to multiple premises: that’s important for travelling security officers who may be visiting various premises during an evening, or who may be offering a mobile response service to a number of customers. And of course each premises may – and often will – have multiple Members working in or for it, for example, a larger store may employ more than one security officer. Either way, DISC’s My Premises system is easy to set up and to deploy.

My Premises is provided at no cost to DISC Administrators under the terms of their existing licence. Administrators may choose to offer My Premises functions to any of their Members as a benefit of an all-inclusive subscription, free of charge. However, Administrators may opt to charge Members for use of the My Premises function. As with all aspects of DISC, each local Administrator can configure the system, and its availability, to suit the priorities of their own crime reduction partnership.

My Premises is available to all DISC Administrators now.