DISC participation levels soar with launch of smartphone App

  • DISC App, launched last year, has helped generate 340% increase in Member-participation;
  • Surge in ‘engagement’: 212% increase in logins; 27% increase in Member/User conversions;
  • Major milestone passed: DISC network now manages over 150,000 ‘live’ Offenders;
  • Offenders up 394%; Incidents up 451%; Users up 285%;
  • On-going growth assured with wider adoption of App, increase in DISC implementations and new functions.

The DISC online system for crime reduction partnerships has seen a massive surge in participation levels since the launch of the DISC App last year. Figures show steep increases in every measure of ‘engagement’.

That surge is certain to continue as more DISC users adopt the App to access their DISC systems, the number of DISC implementations continues to grow, and further important functions are deployed through the DISC system.

Littoralis Limited launched DISC in 2012, building on the success of its previous data-sharing platform, BCRP Intranet. Growth in implementations since then has been impressive: today DISC systems support business crime reduction partnerships covering over 300 towns and city-centres throughout the UK.

The DISC App was launched in June 2016. Figures show that it has substantially increased the proportion of DISC Members who access their DISC systems at least once a month - and that it has helped increase the frequency with which Members access DISC by a massive 340%.

Says Littoralis’ director Charlie Newman: “Crime reduction partnerships must, first and foremost, engage with their members, and maximise their active participation. That means all kinds of things: the data in DISC must be useful, members must be aware of it, the system must be intuitive and easy to use – and it must be accessible where and when members need it.

“That’s exactly what the App is for: simple, immediate access to local DISC systems where and when members need it. And the figures prove that more and more members are using the App to access their DISC systems more and more often”.

Figures from Littoralis also show the impressive underlying growth of the DISC system itself. In the last five years DISC has seen a near-quadrupling of Offenders, an increase in incident reporting of 451%, and an almost-tripling in the numbers of businesses participating to over 41,000.

DISC was launched five years ago, building on the success of Littoralis’ previous system, BCRP Intranet. Since then the number of offenders managed on behalf of local business crime reduction partnerships (as at end-December 2016) had grown from 38,000 to 151,000; the number of Incidents reported through the system from under 30,000 to 131,000; the number of active Members (accessing DISC at least once a month) from 14,000 to 41,000.

“This growth will continue” says Charlie Newman. “More new DISC implementations are being set up all the time; more members are using it more often; and new functions are constantly being added to DISC to extend its appeal more and more widely.

“Already, in the months since we launched the App, we have introduced direct-to-police crime reporting, cross-DISC data-sharing (including a national network linking all members of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships), cross-DISC publishing, ‘public-realm’ reporting, and, to be launched this week, our new Member-to-Member ‘Instant Messaging’ system. All these are delivered free to all members, and all of them can be accessed through the App”.