DISC App: now even more power to local crime-reduction partnerships

Littoralis has announced the availability of its new App for DISC, the secure information-sharing system for local crime reduction partnerships.

The App is expected to be widely adopted by users of DISC systems, maximising engagement and participation; for existing DISC-enabled crime reduction partnerships it will help grow membership, and open new opportunities for revenue generation.

DISC (Database & Intranet for Safer Communities) is the UK’s most widely used online information-sharing system for local Shopwatches, Pubwatches, Business Crime Reduction Partnerships, Business Improvement Districts and a growing number of major shopping centres. There are currently over 140 DISC implementations throughout the country, covering more than 250 towns, city-centres and rural areas, accounting for in excess of 25,000 actively participating businesses.

Says Littoralis director Charlie Newman: “We know that DISC must deliver benefits to every kind of participant: businesses that use it, the local Administrators of partnerships and watch groups that manage DISC systems, and the police who are using local DISC systems more and more themselves.

“But simply making these benefits available isn’t enough. It’s absolutely essential that every aspect of DISC is truly easy and quick to use, and must be readily available, where and when needed. We have always offered a ‘responsive’ version of the DISC system for smartphones, and that’s been good. But the App now really takes this to another level.”

For the businesses, large and small, that are members of partnerships that use DISC, the App makes the system easier to use than ever. “But now all this is right there, on members’ smartphones – exactly where and when they need it” says Newman, “and without the need to log into a computer which may not always be to hand”.

To add further value for users, Littoralis plans to integrate a Push-to-Talk system into the App so members can communicate urgent important messages among themselves at a fraction of the cost of conventional local radio networks with dedicated walkie-talkie handsets. This could provide a valuable – and much needed – source of additional revenue for DISC Administrators.

The App provides other benefits for Administrators too. In pre-launch trialling Administrators have told how the App makes updating offline members about new additions to their mugshot galleries easier; it can be used by Administrators to send emailed memos back to themselves when out and about; and it really does encourage under-participating members to log into their DISC system more often.

“Administrators must constantly reinforce the value-for-money of the services they provide to their members, and the App will reinforce that” says Charlie Newman, “but the App is also a massive marketing tool for Administrators too.

“It isn’t always easy to explain to potential new members how crime reduction partnerships work, and how they deliver bottom-line benefits to subscribers or levy-payers. But put the App in their hands and suddenly everything is so much clearer and easier to comprehend; suddenly people ‘get it’.

”And just as DISC makes it fast, simple and very, very low-cost to set up brand new partnerships in new areas, the App makes it easier than ever to promote the benefits of any new partnership to potential new members.

“We believe that the new App will deliver real, tangible benefits to members and Administrators of existing DISC implementations – and support the development of even more such partnerships around the UK”.

Read what pre-launch users of the DISC App say…

"Another great step forward in reducing all types of crime, and for town centre management; our members are really positive; will make submitting information much quicker and easier" Bob Bevan, Newport Businesses Against Crime

"Looks brilliant; nice and easy to navigate; my members will be so happy to have this at their disposal; will help our security officers so much!" Adam Ratcliffe, Cambridge Business Against Crime

"Loving the App; will allow members to quickly identify individuals that cause problems and enable them to effortlessly submit intelligence to members in real time; will help prevent stock loss and ease pressure on police time and resources; a complete win-win for everyone" Bob Lelliot, Chester Against Business Crime

"Puts the database literally into the hands of the front-line users; we look forward to increased and easier access to real-time intelligence to keep our members and city safe" Ian Tumelty, Cardiff Business Crime Reduction Partnership

"An excellent bit of kit; now my best tool to get people to log-in; I'll be visiting people who have never signed up, using the App as the biggest selling point" Dave Gwynn, Weston Business Crime Reduction Initiative

"It’s excellent; much better than the web version when you are using it on your phone" Ian Warmington, Plymouth Against Retail Crime

"Very impressed; will revolutionise the way store staff deter and detect known offenders in their stores; staff can have the most up to date information at their fingertips” Kym Curtis, Cherwell Crime Partnership

"Really good - much easier to use when you're out and about; it's so much better than having to take paper-based image galleries around with us" Eleanor Bell, Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership

"Allows quick, safe and secure access and is easy to use; in a short time I have seen a significant increase in interaction between members; this is a great tool; highly recommend for crime reduction" Grant Hesketh, Swindon