DISC is a unique online publishing platform designed specifically for sharing information and current awareness among a group of individuals or organisations which share a common purpose. That includes news, documents, 'alerts', information about up-coming events - as well as information about individuals.

Right from the start DISC was designed to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, so it's widely used for managing personal data, even sensitive personal data. Not only does DISC 'force' compliance among its Administrators - it makes it difficult for Members of each group not to abide strictly by the DPA too.

DISC is especially valuable in situations where the Administrator needs to communicate regularly with a community made up of independent organisations or individuals - such as retailers or licensees in local business crime reduction partnerships, helpers in charities and other voluntary organisations, or, in almost any commercial organisation, customers.

DISC is low-cost - but it's certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution: each Administrator can configure DISC to work precisely the way his or her Members want it to work.

DISC is networkable too:  each system can link up to share and compare data with any number of other DISC implementations. That's why it has become the backbone of the UK's national network of business crime reduction partnerships as well as the data-sharing platform for the Retail Security Network which brings together security professionals in shopping centres throughout the UK.

So while individual DISC implementations may work very differently at local level, together they can make up a county-wide, regional or even a national information-sharing and current-awareness system. Likewise, a national organisation can manage its internal communications efficiently and effectively across a large number of individuals, either directly from head office or through any number of local 'Coordinators' at regional or local level.

Click on one of the DISC Applications links on this page to discover how it delivers higher levels of participation, compliance with Best Practice and the Data Protection Act and great value for money to groups that need to share information among their own Members, or with other organisations and individuals outside their own organisations.