• DISC is ideal for sharing sensitive personal data between different organisations working together across a local area. 

    That's why, for example, DISC is used by groups of organisations that come together to share information for the purpose of crime prevention and detection across towns, city-centres or rural areas. At the most recent count (June 2018) over 160 crime-reduction partnerships, covering more than 400 towns, city-centres and rural areas, use DISC throughout the UK. 

    And for partnerships that run local Banning or Exclusion Schemes, DISC  provides tools to enable simple, efficient scheme-management - always in strict compliance with all-important legal obligations.

  • DISC Crime Reporting

    Reporting in DISC: quick, simple and intuitive, with the option to 'escalate' reports direct to police

  • With DISC, neighbouring partnerships can - with the mutual consent of each participating administrator - link together to 'cross-publish' news and alerts to each others' members, and to search each others' DISC systems to help identify travelling or prolific offenders.

    Police can share Offender data with partnerships efficiently and compliantly through DISC's secure environment, and publish alerts and news across multiple partnerships instantly.

    And DISC's 'Partnership Engagement Platform' enables Police to support all partnerships (not only DISC-enabled ones) efficiently and effectively, access consolidated intelligence, manage their Information Sharing Agreements online and much, much more... 

Key Features


    Manage local offenders, ID-Soughts; link incidents to Offenders and multiple Offenders; cross-DISC data-sharing to identify travelling offenders and ID-Sought images; wide range of analytics of Offender and Incident data; auto-generated KPI reports.


    Enable Incident Reports to be submitted from app or website; quickly process received Incident Reports; escalate Reports into Crime Reports, with Witness Statements; analyse incidents by wide range of metrics; generate KPI reports.


    Configure DISC to support Banning Schemes to suit your own needs; single system supports unlimited Schemes; automatically manage expiry dates; users can maintain own internal Banning Scheme.


    Compliant by design: aligns with DPA 1998, GDPR; automated database deletion of personal data; Data Processor Agreement; data stored in EEA; secure, compliant data-sharing and Instant Messaging system.


    Automated eNewsletter brings members back again and again; Instant Messaging for urgent/important alerts; reader-to-reader Information Requests; emailed Alerts and Instant Messages from Administrator.


    Secure, readers-only app (Android and iOS) and website; Instant Messaging and Email-from-DISC for urgent/important matters; 100% automated weekly eNewsletter sent direct to all readers to maximise click-throughs.


    Add, monitor and manage readers; readers maintain own contact details; automated periodic reader re-confirmation; reports on reader-usage and access; 'Coordinators'can manage their own sub-groups of readers.


    Easily designate specific readers as ‘Authors’ to contribute content through the Admin Centre; simple Author Management functions; easily define ‘permissions’ for Authors, including ‘Full Admin Rights’.


    Allows a single Administrator to manage multiple DISC systems from one Admin Centre; add separate DISC systems to support each individual unit within your organisation; link together for cross-DISC authoring and data-sharing.


    Configure any type of report to suit your own needs; automatically copy reports to Third Parties for speedy resolution; 'Management View' of Reports to check and chase resolutions, and monitor performance.


    DISC enables Incident Reports to be 'escalated' into crime reports, with optional wotness statements, direct to police '101' desks.  Businesses report more crime more quickly; 101 desks operate more efficiently and at lower cost-per-report.

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