• Community groups are usually mainly - or entirely - dependent on volunteers. And management of volunteers brings its own special challenges.

    So DISC isn't just great for communicating 'compelling content' to members - it maximises their involvement and participation in the work of the community or charity too, thanks to its powerful Engagement Tools.

    Many community groups or charities are administrated by volunteers - so DISC includes a number of self-administration functions for members, reducing the workload on local or regional administrators. 

  • Keeping communities informed while reducing administration tasks

  • DISC's online certification system means volunteers keep their own contact details up-to-date, with 'forced' periodic re-certification.

    The system's 'Coordinator' functions enable specific members to manage their own local sub-set of members, with minimal intervention by the administrator

    And DISC's member-to-member Information Request function relieves administrators of much important - but often time-consuming - membership-support work.

Key Features


    Secure, readers-only app (Android and iOS) and website; Instant Messaging and Email-from-DISC for urgent/important matters; 100% automated weekly eNewsletter sent direct to all readers to maximise click-throughs.


    Simply, intuitively manage news, documents, ‘alerts’, up-coming events and advertisements; event notification and management; document library, optional sub-classifications; single-click cross-publishing of content into any number of other DISC systems


    Add, monitor and manage readers; readers maintain own contact details; automated periodic reader re-confirmation; reports on reader-usage and access; 'Coordinators'can manage their own sub-groups of readers.


    Easily designate specific readers as ‘Authors’ to contribute content through the Admin Centre; simple Author Management functions; easily define ‘permissions’ for Authors, including ‘Full Admin Rights’.


    Configure DISC to work the way you want; brand your DISC App and readers-only website with own logo, links to Partners; completely customise your DISC App to match corporate design and look-and-feel guidelines.


    Compliant by design: aligns with DPA 1998, GDPR; automated database deletion of personal data; Data Processor Agreement; data stored in EEA; secure, compliant data-sharing and Instant Messaging system.


    Automated eNewsletter brings members back again and again; Instant Messaging for urgent/important alerts; reader-to-reader Information Requests; emailed Alerts and Instant Messages from Administrator.


    Configure any type of report to suit your own needs; automatically copy reports to Third Parties for speedy resolution; 'Management View' of Reports to check and chase resolutions, and monitor performance.

DISC: power to the Neighbourhood Watch people!

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