• DISC is for organisations that want to share information and current-awareness with people outside their organisation.  

    Companies use DISC for sharing with customers, partners, contractors, tenants, product- and service-users and other external groups.  Charities and community groups use it to share information with, and maximise the participation of, members and volunteers who share their common purpose or interest.

    DISC is robustly secure and 'compliant by design', so it's ideal for sharing confidential or personal information between separate public agencies or within crime reduction partnerships, in compliance with privacy regulations.   

    DISC is low-cost, so the smallest organisation can use it, and larger ones can deploy separate DISC systems for different purposes. Yet each DISC system can link with others for local, national or even international-information sharing, or for central management.

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  • DISC: easy to access, easy to use, easy to configure - yet always secure.

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Northamptonshire initiative fills business crime ‘policing gap’

County-wide initiative demonstrates clear reduction in low-level business crime and anti-social behaviour; reinforces police/business cooperation; increases and reduces cost of low-level crime reporting to police. while reducing police admin costs; successful, self-funding model now extended county-wide, including rural areas.
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